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Tree haus balance bike

tree haus balance bike review

The ideal and fun peddle-free way for your child to learn the fundamentals of riding a bike is this TreeHaus Balance Bike. Made of sturdy, all-natural wood, the bike with its adjustable seat will develop with your boy.

Wooden Balance Bike Push And Go Kids Treehaus Kids Ages 3 To 6 UNISEX

This Push-And-Go bike is built for beginner riders and teaches basic balancing skills to young children.

The Tree haus balance bike provides children a fun, peddle-free way to learn basic bike riding skills. Helps improve coordination skills & balance, makes it much easier to transition to a typical bike

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Quick Features

  • No-slip handles to grip
  • Push-and-go movement without fear supports beginner riders
  • With your kids, the adjustable seat grows with
  • Phthalates and BPA-free
  • Chair Flexible
  • Strong Tubeless EVA Tires Do Not Need Inflation
  • Soft Seat Adjustable
  • Handles with No-Slip Grip
  • Push-and-go motion promotes anxiety-free for beginners

Tree Haus balance bike Review

Treehaus Wood Balance Bike

I purchased this bike for my 2 1/2-year-old daughter a month ago and she loves it. I know that the negative reviews relate to two big issues with the bike, and I can see why. First, there are a lot of complaints about the rear wheel bearings, I think both wheels suffer from the same problem, but because of the leverage from the rear axle, the rear wheel is more likely to fail.

The cause of the issue is not the bearings themselves, but the fact that the bearing on the inside of the wheel hub is not braced by anything, allowing the inner bearing race to be forced in, causing the bearing to fail.

It would have solved the problem if they had supplied a plastic tube fitted between the two bearings. I haven’t seen any issues on my particular bike, but I can replace them and suit them the right way, even if they malfunction.

As for the second question, for the size of the child who should use this bike, it is too tall, there is also a simple fix for this.

My daughter is 38 “tall, if put together the way the directions direct, much too short for this bike.

How I solved this issue is to turn upside-down the frame. I secured the seat by the bottom bolt and used the upper bolt holes as guides to drill into the seat post to put the seat at the right angle.

Simple, far lower, and she loves it. The biggest reason for opposing a wooden balance bike

What age is best for a balance bike?

When they’re about 18-months to two years old, kids will start riding balance bikes, and kids up to about the age of five love them. Kids can step on to a bike with pedals at about the age of four in most situations.

Do balance bikes really work?

For younger kids who are already relaxed and walking, balance bikes are perfect. They learn how to shift it side-to-side to balance, while they walk with the cart. They first acquire a basic biking ability by doing this without pedaling. Before they concentrate on pedaling, they learn to balance.

Are balance bikes better than tricycles?

Far better than tricycles, balance bikes suit toddlers. (2) Safe and quick travel of balancing bikes over rough surfaces, not tricycles. (3) Balance bikes are light and easy to ride, and children can ride much further than a tricycle on balance bikes. (4) Balance bikes promise years of autonomous riding and enjoyment.

Wooden balance bike or metal?

As both styles have advantages and disadvantages, the answer to this question depends solely on your choice and the riding style of your child. You may be driven by the following questions to find out which kind of balance bike is the best suit for your children.

The Tree Haus balance bike is a wooden balance bike. And both wood and metal has its pros and cons, we will cover the characteristics of both wood and metal balance bikes

Wooden Balance Bikes Characteristics

Environmentally Safe

Opposed to a metal bike, one of the key reasons parents prefer a wooden balance bike is that it is environmentally friendly. When the bike is finished, the wood can be recycled and will biodegrade. Equilibrium bikes made from renewable wood sources can also be found.


Usually, wooden bikes appear (though not always) to be lighter than their metal counterparts.

A wooden balance bike is the lightest balance bike that I can currently find. Just around 2.5 kg is weighed by the Booster balance bike.

For little children, this makes it super easy to navigate and maneuver.

It also makes it easier for parents if their little ones get tired and have had enough to pick up and bear.

Cool designs

The look of the wooden balance bikes is also enjoyed by many people. They have a retro feeling that takes many people back to a childhood of their own. On wooden balance bikes, there are some wonderful painted designs which are suitable for boys and girls.

Metal Balance Bikes Characteristics

Type of Metal

Usually, metal balance bikes are made of either steel or aluminum. There are benefits and drawbacks to each kind of metal. Aluminum appears to be lighter, but it is heavy metal as well. For younger riders, bikes made of aluminum tend to be a good option because their lightweight frames mean that lighter children can easily steer and maneuver them.

However, the weight of the bike matters less when children get older, as they can control heavy bikes as they get stronger and larger. Steel bikes tend to have a higher weight capacity than aluminum, but for most kids who choose to use it, an aluminum bike would typically have a high enough weight capacity. If you have questions, check the bike’s weight capacity.

Seat Adjustment

Metal bikes tend to have a seat on the adjustment spectrum with a wider range that can make it a good option if you want to share the bike amongst siblings or want to last a long time with the bike.

Metal bikes appear to have more possibilities for modification than their wooden counterparts. So you might be able to get a metal bike seat post to encourage older kids to ride the bike as well.

​ Look and feel

The look of metal bikes is attractive to many children as it makes them feel like a big kid riding a bike.

Wooden bikes and metal bikes tend to be within price ranges that are close. The price range will also rely on other variables, including the bike’s quality and design, as well as the material from which it is made. for more balance bike reviews

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