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chillafish bmxie balance bike review

Chillafish balance bike

Chillafish BMXie-RS

The BMXie Chillafish is a sweet and sporty little balance bike that will certainly put a smile on the face of your toddler. Kids will love the styling of the “big boy” and parents will enjoy the Rubberskin tires that will NEVER go flat! For children with smaller frames, we do not suggest a bike because of the broader width of the bike around the rear axle. Sometimes referred to as the Costco balance bike because it is sold every holiday season, check out our review below to see if the money is worth it!

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Quick Look

  • RATING: Highly recommended 
  • MSRP: 69 dollars 
  • BEST FOR Kids 2 to 5 years old
  • SEAT HEIGHT: from 12.25 to 15.25′′ 
  • WEIGHT:  8.5 pounds. 
  • Rubber skin (rubber-coated foam) TIRES:

Quick Features

  • Uniquely built with a true bicycle frame in BMX style that makes it simple and fun to ride and slide
  • Unlike foam tires, revolutionary airless RubberSkin tires have a rubber outer layer that provides better riding comfort and superb grip; burst-resistant with the look and feel of real tires for added protection.
  • The high-quality, reinforced fiberglass frame is ultra-light but still solid and durable.
  • With a simple twist and lock bench, quick height adjustments; customizable with a removable footrest and detachable front number plate with customizable stickers
  • Cool, oversized tubbing, an intuitive shape that develops with them and vivid colors to reflect their character; recommended for ages 2-5, 77 lbs maximum weight.

Quick Overview

There is no option on the BMXie balance bike: a true BMX-styled bicycle frame, oversized tubing, but incredibly lightweight. Cool concept of the Superduper, flexible seat without tools and with footrest and football incorporated. Anything else needed? Perhaps a detachable front number plate with different stickers? Get it! This is probably the world’s coolest balancing bike! Nice grip and no pumps, Airless RubberSkin times that’s the best of both worlds. What each Chillafish balance bike needs, exactly.

Chillafish BMXie Balance Bike Full Review

The Chillafish BMXie is a fun small balance bike that is perfect for toddlers with a sleek, sporty look that is available in a wide range of colors and designs. For those who want a maintenance-free bike, the BMXie is a great alternative with special puncture-proof Rubberskin tires that have more grip than foam tires, but without the hassle of air tires. Many parents who see this balance bike at Costco every Christmas are also fairly familiar with it.

However, like all bikes, it’s definitely not ideal for everyone. And just because they sell it at Costco doesn’t mean that it’s fine. Given the wider frame and limited seat height of the BMXie, we considered the Chillafish to be better for children with average to larger frames and pants of at least 2 T size.

Convenient design

Chillafish BMXie-RS in a box

It is shipped in components packed within a box for you to assemble when buying a balance bike. Trying to find out which section goes where can be boring and daunting. But the good news here is that it takes very little time for the Chillafish BMXie-RS to assemble. In your bare hands, you can do it! From beginning to completion, you need no tools to bring it together. Furthermore, this bike comes with the signature BMX style bicycle frame mounted that enhances the experience of the child for enhanced fun. This frame is also reliable in terms of ensuring the protection of the child , especially when sliding.

Easy adjustments

Children are not always of the same height or weight. As such, an adjustable twist and lock seat and a detachable footrest come with this bike. This helps meet the needs of your child as he or she gets closer to reaching a perfect balance of preparation for a regular bike. For example, to increase the comfort of a child whose legs are longer or shorter, you may force the seat upward or further downwards. You can also add the footrest if it can help the child balance well, or if it gets in the way of learning how to ride, you can uninstall it.


Chillafish BMXie-RS age requirements

This balance bike from Chillafish is a medium-sized balance bike and is ideally suited for children in pants of at least 2T. The BMXie seat height can be changed to one of three fixed seat heights, varying from 12.25′′ at its lowest setting to 15.25′′ at its highest setting. Because of the special BMXie seat adjustment system, it is not possible to set the seat heights outside of these three settings.

By unscrewing the seat post knob mounted on the seat post, the seat height of the Chillafish BMXie is changed. It is not as simple as a typical fast-adjust seat post adjuster to unscrew the knob, but it is tool-free so that the seat can be adjusted on the go. Once loosened, simply pull up the seat until the set heights on the seat post are reached and then screw back the adjuster into the locking position. Pretty quick!


Chillafish BMXie-RS tires

The exclusive puncture-proof Rubberskin tires are our favorite feature, in addition to the sporty and fun styling of the Chillafish BMXie. Many puncture-proof tires are made of solid foam, but they do not have almost the stability as regular air tires while they are never going to go flat.

The Chillafish Rubberskin tires have a thick foam core, but to ensure great traction, they have an outer rubber layer! As advertised, we found that the Rubberskin tires offered much more traction than foam tires, but they do not provide any cushioning like air tires, but they do like foam tires.


Chillafish BMXie-RS footrest

Its adjustable footrest is a clever feature of the original Chillafish BMXie balance bike. The footrest is conveniently screwed into place at the base of the seat post while in use. The footrest is wide enough for seasoned riders to comfortably rest their feet on it and small enough not to interfere with their stride.

Footrests can also be dangerous for beginning riders, though, since they can reach the back of the child’s leg while they walk the bike. Chillafish ‘s approach is straight forward. The footrest can be unscrewed (no tools required) and then added to the bottom of the frame of the bike just below the name “Chillafish” for fast and easy storage. In the two collage images in the sizing segment above you can see the red footrest in its storage place.

The newer BMXie 2 by Chillafish has a footbrake built into the footrest. (There are still both models available.) On balance bikes, we love brakes. They even save their shoes from being easily torn off, in addition to helping children stop quicker and safer!

This integrated design, though cool in principle, can actually be confusing for children. It actually serves as a footrest if a child places their feet on the rear portion of the footrest. But the brake activates if a child rests his feet on the front part. Many kids can not make this positioning distinction, and they no longer want to do it until they want to use the footrest and avoid the bike instead.

In addition, for toddlers, depending on a footbrake instead of a handbrake can be troublesome. Children naturally have their feet out while using a handbrake and are able to catch themselves while they come to a halt. Kids’ feet are busy breaking with a footbrake, so they’re not in a prime place to steady themselves as they slow down to a stop.

Strong and durable

As this balance bike will be used for the sole purpose of practicing, it is very clear that there will be minor accidents. The child can lose control and bump into the garbage bin, the stub of a tree, ride through the mud or even fall. Thanks to the kid’s bike helmet, elbow and knee caps, of course, the child is left healthy. But is it possible to say the same for the balance bike? In preparation for such collisions, the BMXie-RS bike is made of high-quality fiberglass. To survive any minor accident that the child can experience, it is sturdy enough and robust. It is remarkably light and does not attract the intensity of the child during preparation. This way, without the concern of wrecking the bike, the child can concentrate on his or her training entirely.


Chillafish BMXie-RS footrest

Here, no punctures! A special set of tires that are made of rubber skin comes with the bike. This is extremely important as it guarantees durability and, due to its superior grip, holds the bike grounded. This balance bike will operate on rugged terrain just the same as it will on the tarmac, regardless of the type of terrain. Moreover, the tires are airless, leaving you free to worry, without any risk of the tire bursting or deflating. They can be used safely and look just like real tyres. This bike can be used by your child and it will always be in good shape for use by his or her younger siblings.

Pros and Cons for the Chillafish Bmxie balance bike

Let’s cover some of the pros and cons of the chillafish balance bike.


  • This bike is made of high-quality materials that are burst-resistant, including airless tires with rubber skin.
  • Having to survive some kind of terrain and small injuries is powerful and resilient.
  • To make it exclusive, it can be personalized with stickers.
  • It is flexible enough to withstand various forms of terrain and accommodate them.
  • This implies that the bike is very compact and can therefore balance with little effort, made of a fiberglass-reinforced BMX system.
  • For increased or decreased height, it has a detachable footrest and an adjustable twist and lock seat.
  • A comfortable style that looks cool to boys and comes in a selection of bright colors to suit the taste of any little girl.
  • With no tools needed, it is simple to assemble.
  • Ideal for children between 2 and 5 years of age and with a maximum weight of 77 lbs.


  • A child who may be below the recommended age but has exceeded the legal weight limit of 77 lbs may not be able to support this balance bike.
  • After changing the height, failure to lock the seat may contribute to immense discomfort while riding or lead to an accident even worse.
  • No handbrake operation
  • Seat height limited to 3 settings with the growth of only 3 Inch
  • The large rear axle on the bike will interfere with the development of the boy.
  • The saddle is not cushioned.
  • Youth riders may be confused by an integrated footbrake and footrest


The Chillafish BMXie is a stylish and maintenance-free balance bike for daily neighborhood riders in at least 2 T pants, which is fun, sporty, and made with some of our favorite puncture-proof tires on the market. However, due to its larger frame, the BMIXie is suitable for children with bigger or larger frames. Before making the final decision, if you come across this balance bike at Costco, check out a few of our favorite balance bikes.

It can be completely satisfying for both you and your child to successfully teach your child how to ride using a balance bike. In addition to training them to ride their bikes, watching your little one overcome his or her fears often equips them with the fundamentals of life. Nevertheless, during assembly and when changing the seat, make sure all the parts are tight and stable. This, in an effort to keep the experience of kids riding unscathed.

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