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Balance Bike vs Pedal Bike

toddler balance bike

Balance Bike vs Pedal Bike

Why Your Toddler Needs A Balance Bike Before Pedal Bike

A balance bike should be the first bike for your toddler. It is the perfect way to introduce your little one to the world of cycling. In this article, we are going to show you why your toddler needs a balance bike before a pedal bike and what makes them different from training bikes or tricycles.

What Are Balance Bikes?

These are small bikes specially made for toddlers and can be used for kids up to 5 years old. They have no pedals or training wheels. Kids ride using their feet to push the bike. Balance bikes are perfect for developing your child’s confidence at an early age. It also improves their balancing skills.

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Benefits Of Balance Bikes

The greatest advantages of balance bikes are that kids ride them all on their own. They don’t need any parental assistance. You might need to shout and tell them to stop when they go gliding too far away. Balance bike teaches kids to balance and steer first which are the essential skills needed for cycling.

Budget-Friendly & Economical

Balance bike comes in a different price range. While it may cost you little but one balance bike can replace the need for a tricycle and a bike with training wheels. They do last long and can be used by siblings too. You just need to buy one.

You can find many balance bike in the market but you need to choose the right one for your little one. Depends on your child’s age, weight, and height. Also, you need to find the best balance bike in your budget.

Gets Kids Outdoors

We are living in a digital era. With so many digital distractions, kids of today seem to prefer to stay in the house. Some of them don’t want to play outside. With a balance bike that they feel confident on, the kids will literally force you to take them for a ride.

Be Adventurous

With a balance bike, your toddlers can easily take a quick tour around the block or cruise on sidewalks. A little tour around the block will be a big adventure for them. It will also help them get some exercise. These bikes are lightweight enough to carry and children don’t get tired easily when gliding on a balance bike.

Easier Switch to Pedals

A recent study indicates that children who grow up on balance bikes usually are quicker to transition to pedal bikes. All of this is possible because they already get the hang of balance and these kids are also confident. The Chicco red bullet is a good bike that gives the feel of a pedal bike at an early age.

Coordination Skills

After balance, the next key element for riding a bike is coordination. When your child gets on a pedaled bike, their focus gets distracted by the need to pedal. This is difficult for the first time because they need to balance and pedal at the same time. The good this about balance bike is that it encourages them to rely on their balancing and coordination skills.


Without pedals getting in the way, they will use their legs to keep steady mobility. A new rider will instinctively figure out how to just push off with their legs and glide the bike. It also enhances a child’s motor skills.


Balance bikes are much safer than pedal or training bikes. There are no pedals or chains to hurt their tiny feet. They won’t fall off the bike either.

What’s Wrong With Try-Cycles?

There are lots of advantages to using a balance bike instead of a tricycle. With a tricycle, children don’t learn to balance or coordinate. They don’t have to worry about falling due to the training wheels. This means they are not developing the basic and most essential skills for cycling.

The main benefits of balance bikes are that they teach kids to balance and steer first. Once they get the hang of it, they can begin to learn to pedal. This is the most efficient and safer process that teaches children how to ride a bike.

Best Age For A Child To Ride A Balance Bike

This is one of the most common and frequently asked questions we get from parents. Balance bikes come in many sizes and there is one size fit all bike. The smallest bikes fit toddlers age 1.5 years. For example, Strider is a good balance bike for a toddler.

There are other balance bikes that are made for older children like Schwinn bikes, Kazaam bikes and much more.

Final Thoughts

Balance Bike vs Pedal Bike…Finding the right balance bike for your child is not that hard. We have made an entire article just for that. If you have any other queries feel free to contact us. We hope you now know why your toddler needs a balance bike before the pedal bike. Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of balance bikes.


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